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Prenatal Classes

Durham & Markham Midwives / Prenatal Class – September 28th – November 2nd

Prenatal Class – September 28th – November 2nd


Prenatal classes are a fun and important way to prepare pregnant women and their partner for the upcoming birth of their baby. These classes offer information on:

  • What to expect during the labour, birth, and postpartum period
  • Comfort measures such as massage, breathing, relaxation, positions for labour, and ways to use a “birth ball”
  • How the labour partner can provide support
  • Natural pain relief options
  • Medications, epidurals, cesarian sections
  • Baby Care
  • Breastfeeding

Classes are offered in a 6 week evening class series, or weekend classes. The focus of these prenatal classes is to reduce fears, provide information on all of the options for labour and birth, and increase confidence as expectant parents prepare to welcome a new baby into their family.

Prenatal Class are held at the Durham Clinic, 138 Old Kingston Rd., Ajax from 7-9pm for evening classes, and 9am-3pm for weekend classes.  

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